Joke (fictional): 81-year-old is harassed by scary bikers, but takes a brutal revenge

Something I have learned while growing up is to not mess with old people. Their wisdom and the way they look at life differs completely from ours – and deserve all the respect they can get after serving the community for such a long time.

However, I have a weak spot for old people still carrying some bite with them – they’ve lived long enough and decided they won’t take crap from anyone, no matter what. Like in this fictional, funny story about an old man who took matters into his own hands and dealt with a bunch of crooks.

Of all the stories I’ve come across over the years, I must admit that this is one of my favorites! I hope you enjoy it and have a good laugh at the end!

An 81-year-old retiree was quietly waiting for his lunch at a small tavern in rural Nebraska, after parking his tractor outside.

bikers old man retiree
Wikimedia Commons

Suddenly 3 bikers enter the tavern. All of them were wearing leather jackets and had multiple patches to display their bike gang affiliation.

Eat the old man’s lunch

The old man had just received the sandwich, coffee and apple pie he ordered – but before he could enjoy it, one of the scary-looking bikers goes up to him, grabs his sandwich and eats the whole thing. He then laughs out loud and goes back.

A second gang member goes up to the retiree. He takes the old man’s coffee, drinks it and then pours out the last few drops over the man’s head.

The third biker makes some grunting sounds as he approaches him. He grabs the plate with apple pie and eats it in a hurry. He then brushes the crumbs off his beard so they fall on the 81-year-old before he goes back to sit down with the other two.

Not much of a man

Without saying a single word, the old man stands up. He reaches for his wallet, pays for himself and leaves the tavern.

“Ha! Not much of a man was he?!” One biker loudly exclaims to the lady at the till.

She smiles while looking through the window and answers:

“He is apparently not much of a tractor driver either. The man just backed over 3 motorcycles on his way out…”

This old man had the last laugh – paid them back tenfold, and without saying a single word! Don’t mess with old people! Press that share button if you agree!