Lady calls the police on 80-year-old man for saying ”hello” – but the cops have a witty response

The police exist to serve us, the people, and we should make use of their help if we feel in danger. They are in charge of maintaining law and order in our society. Even though lately, it hardly seems to be the case, they are still supposed to help us when we call them.

However, some people are a bit too quick in requesting the help of the justice system, and others are exceptionally good at getting offended for the smallest things.

The Swedish lady in today’s story might fit into both of the categories mentioned above. Because she called the police on an 80-year-old man – after he greeted her.

There are easily offended people in every country. However, we might have hit a new Karen threshold thanks to this 60-year-old woman who recently reported a pensioner to the police.

The Swedish lady was provoked – by a greeting

The reason? He simply said “hi” to her whenever they met, reports (The site is translated to English with google, so be mindful of grammatical inconsistencies).

Apparently, they encountered each other a few times when both of them were out walking in the small Swedish town of Sundsvall. The man’s customary greetings seem to have offended her to the point that she felt the need to call the police.

Image Source: Pexels

Thus, the police started an investigation for harassment.

“She felt provoked when he greeted her and said in the report that she was uncomfortable with this,” preliminary investigator Henrik Blusi told local newspapers.

“People gotta be able to say hi on the street”

According to the police, it’s unclear if there’s anything else behind this unique complaint filed by the Swedish lady.

“I don’t think it is illegal,” Henrik Blusi said. “People gotta be able to say hi on the street,” He added.

Swedish lady
Image Source: Pikrepo

Yes, of course, you should contact the police if you feel threatened. It is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. However, this was just over the top. Imagine a society where people are not allowed to say hi to each other.

At least for me it would be the awful, I would never want to live there!

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