Man gets fired for not having a Facebook account, 5 years later he gets the best payback ever

Today’s tech-crazy society is all about computers and the Internet. You’re expected to always be connected and reachable, and I can count on one hand the number of people I know who can sit still for an hour without pulling up their cell phone and start tapping away.

Naturally, this development has brought a lot of good things with it – it would be crazy to deny it. But we also have to face that there are downsides as well, such as meeting fewer people in person and an increase in asocial behavior.

This fictitious story is a brilliant example of how you don’t need to conform to today’s tech-crazed expectations. You should go your own way and live life the way that feels natural to you. It’s the only way to lasting success!

An unemployed man applies for a job as a cleaner at Microsoft. HR invites him to an interview, and asks him to clean the floor as a test.

The HR rep smiles when he sees the results, and he tells him:

“Good job, we’d love to have you. Please log onto Facebook and like our page so that we can continue the process.”

The man replies, “I don’t have a Facebook account. I don’t have a computer, so I haven’t got much need for one.”

The HR rep looked horrified. “I see. Well, without a Facebook account you have a digital presence, and you’re therefore not eligible for the job.”


The man leaves the building in despair. He’s only got 10 dollars left to his name. He walks to the closest supermarket and buys 5 pounds of tomatoes.

Buys a car

He then walks door to door selling the tomatoes, thereby doubling his capital.

He does this three more times, and at the end of the day, he’s got 160 dollars. Suddenly, he realizes that he’s found a way to make a living, and starts working early in the morning until late evening. Every day he quadruples his capital.

Soon he is able to buy a small car, then a truck, and after a few years a whole fleet of vehicles to deliver the groceries. Within 5 years, he owns one of the largest grocery delivery services in the US.

He starts planning for his eventual retirement, and contacts a financial advisor to discuss how best to ensure a safe future for him and his family.


After a successful counseling session, the advisor asks him if he’s going to announce on Facebook that his retirement plan is worked out and no longer a problem.

The man answers that he doesn’t have a computer or a Facebook account. The advisor says:

“That’s odd. You’ve built this whole empire without even being on Facebook. Think of what you could have accomplished if you would have had a computer!”

The man replies, “Yes, I could have been a cleaner at Microsoft…”

What’s the takeaway from this?

Internet is not the be-all and end-all.
1. If you want a job at Microsoft, you need to be a Facebook user.
2. Even without Facebook or a computer, you can still become a millionaire through hard work.

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