Mom suspects her son is gay, and her way of finding out the truth is ingenious!

Mom suspects her son is gay, and her way of finding out the truth is ingenious!

I think we can all agree that you shouldn’t lie to those near and dear to you. If you do, then the truth is likely to come back and bite you.

The young man in this story had a big secret that he kept from his family, and his mom wanted him to be honest with her and tell her the truth. What she does next is absolutely ingenious! I could learn a thing or two from this sharp lady!

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Steve invites his mother over for dinner. During the enjoyable dinner, his mother can’t help but notice that Steve’s roommate Peter is very tall and handsome.

She had long suspected that the two of them were more than roommates, so when she and her son were doing the dishes after the meal, she asked him if they were a couple.

But Steve denied it, and reassured his mother that they’re just roommates and nothing more.

A week later

While cooking tomato soup, Peter tells Steve:
“Do you know where the nice silver soup ladle is? It’s been missing since your mom was over for dinner. You don’t think she’s taken it, do you?”

Steve didn’t think so, but to be sure he sent his mother an email;
“Dear mom, I’m not saying that you ‘stole’ or ‘didn’t steal’ our soup ladle, but it’s been gone ever since you were over for dinner.
Love, Steve”

A few days later he gets a reply from his mother:
“Dear Steve, I’m not saying that you’re ‘sleeping’ or ‘not sleeping’ with Peter, but if he would have slept in his own bed, then he would have found the soup ladle a long time ago.
Love, Mom”

Words of wisdom of the day: DON’T LIE TO YOUR MOM!

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