Teacher gets furious when Emma cant answer this simple question, but the girl’s comeback stuns her

Children are amazing, and they understand a lot more than we think. However, they have a different way of looking at the world than us adults. That can lead to a lot of interesting situations – you never know what’s going to happen around toddlers and young children.

That’s exactly what this funny story is about. I couldn’t keep from laughing when I read the last line!

Lena was a second grade teacher in a small Kansas City school. Today, she had been teaching her students about the different days, months and years, and how they all fit together. As the end of the school day was approaching, Lena felt confident that her students had a good grasp on the subject.

“So, one last question for today. Can anyone tell me how many days there are in a year?”

Little Emma raises her hand.


“Yes, Emma,” Lena said, and pointed at the eager student.

“Seven!” the girl said confidently.

Frustrated teacher

“Remember, I said in a year, not in a week. Now, let’s try again, how many days are there in a year?”

“Seven!” Emma says again.

Now Lena starts getting really annoyed. Hadn’t the girl been paying any attention at all?

“Emma! This classroom is for learning, not for clowning around!”

Little Emma replies, “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That’s seven! If you know of any other days, please tell me…”

Lena was so stunned by the girl’s reply that she dismissed her class on the spot!

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