The advent calendar for gin & tonic lovers is here

Fall is officially here! The streets are filled with beautiful fall colors and the air is chilly and fresh. Truly, a wonderful time to be alive.

Summer is my favorite season but Fall’s beauty is really hard to match. Besides, we can finally start the countdown for the most wonderful celebration of the year – Christmas.

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. You spend it with your loved ones while stuffing yourself full of good food.

Another tradition is the advent calendar, which helps us count the days left until Christmas by opening a door to find something new every day of December.

Traditionally, candy and chocolate lie behind the little doors. However, this year there is a new calendar for grownups (and people of culture) – the Gin & Tonic calendar.

The drink Gin & Tonic has risen as one of America’s absolute favorites during the holidays. There are more new gin varieties than you can count, as well as new tonic water flavors, all of which make for unique and exotic combinations. Something you can now enjoy in an advent calendar.

Unique tonic flavors every day

At the Personalized Moments website, you’ll find “The Ginvent Calendar”.

The calendar contains everything a true G&T lover likes: a bottle of exquisite gin and 24 pieces of different flavored tonics, giving a new and exciting G&T experience every day until Christmas.

Among other things, there is rhubarb-flavored tonic water, elderberry, and, of course, the Christmas special with apple and cinnamon flavor.

If you want to gift the calendar to a true gin lover, there is also the chance to send it with a card containing a personalized message.

gin tonic christmas
Image source: Personalized Moments

24 bottles of gin

If you prefer to invest in the gin part instead, there is also a calendar that contains 24 bottles of gin.

You can find this calendar at Costco, it comes with 24 bottles each containing 1.69 oz of gin from different manufacturers and with different flavors.

For example plum, vanilla, orange marmalade, and lemon to name a few.

gin tonic christmas

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