5-year-old calls 911 because he’s hungry – officers respond by bringing him pizza

5-year-old calls 911 because he’s hungry – officers respond by bringing him pizza

It’s not simple for children to understand how things work in the adult world. Things take time, mistakes happen, and as long as you learn from them, it’s great that kids dare to explore and develop.

For example, what do you do during an emergency? Or how do you get pizza? These are two different questions that children need to learn the answer to – but a 5-year-old in Florida recently tried to hit 2 birds with one stone.

The boy dialed 911 and asked for some pizza. And the police reaction took the internet by storm.

In a clip released by the police to News 6 Click Orlando, one can hear little Manny Beshara calling emergencies and saying:

“I want you to bring me a pizza please.”

Three police officers went to the scene

The boy’s older sister, Madonna, left the 5-year-old alone for a minute to bring him some cereal, but Manny decided to take matters into his own little hands.

When the sister returned to the room to ask him what cereal he wanted. She noticed someone was calling her phone. So she picked it to answer thinking it was one of her friends.

I look at the phone, it says 911, I froze,“ Madonna told News 6 Click Orlando.

However, three police officers went to the scene to make sure everything was under control. They got in touch with Madonna and Manny and confirmed that everyone was fine. The big sister explained what happened and apologized.

Wanted to show gratitude

The cops explained to Manny that you should only call 911 in real emergency situations. However, they also decided to help him out – so they went to a nearby pizza restaurant and bought one for the 5-year-old.

boy calls 911 pizza
Image: Sanford Police Department

A few days later, the family wanted to show their gratitude for the police’s help. Manny, his mother, and two sisters then went to the Sanford Police Department and brought some pizza to share with the officers.

Image: News 6 Click Orlando

I think the little man understands now what 911 is about. Having the officers go out, have that opportunity to have that life experience with the young man, that is just outstanding,” said Cecil E. Smith, chief of the Sanford Police Department.

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I think this was an amazing act of kindness by the police! They taught the boy about how things work and made his day with just some pizza. 

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