Horrible teacher humiliates 8-year-old girl in front of the whole class – her revenge is cheered by millions

I would never think of myself as someone violent. Especially when children are involved. At the same time, it is important that everyone can stand up for themselves and not let other people walk over them or put them down.

It’s the worst kind of people!

The best cure for that is usually a discussion. It is with words that you move forward and solve problems in life. On the other hand, there are always people who refuse to listen – and then a more creative “approach” is needed.

A clip from a Russian school has over 7 million views online – and therefore has attracted a lot of attention. Some people say it might be staged. But to me, it doesn’t really matter, because the message is so incredibly strong.

Girl takes a sweet revenge

It’s a male teacher who yells at a little girl in front of the whole class. The terrible man really humiliates her and you can see how she’s suffering.

Horrible teacher yelling at girl

But suddenly, the student has had enough – what she does shocks everyone in the class as well as everyone watching the video. Talk about karma catching up with this horrible teacher!

As we said, violence is not good, but this person really went way too far. That’s why I think he only has himself to blame this time.

“We who are men know …”

Check out the clip on the 8-year-old girl’s counter, who gets millions of cheers! (Remember to turn on annotations in the video)

The idiot just got what he deserved!

He got everything he deserved! We, men, know that a kick there is one of the absolute worst ones! Talk about cracking some nuts!

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