Teen is rushed to hospital after intimate mistake – the X-ray says more than doctors could believe

During adolescence, everyone is curious about how the body works. You get to test and experience new things, but at the same time, you need to be careful. Particularly when it comes to the body’s more sensitive parts.

It can be shocking for a person to figure out how their body develops. Because in life so many things change in the blink of an eye. One has to be patient, but of course, you should seek help and guidance if you feel that you need it.

A young man from China, however, waited 3 months to go to the doctor – after he inserted 29 magnetic balls in his penis “out of curiosity,” Ladbible reports.

In the Shaanxi province in Beijing, earlier in May, a teenager was taken to the hospital with severe abdominal pains. He was ashamed to tell the whole story to his parents, but the doctors would soon figure out the source of his pains.

After the X-rays, it was clear that the kid was gonna need to go under the knife.

Made a full recovery

According to urologist Zhang Yanyan, the teenager had put 29 magnetic small balls in his urethra – and these had formed a tight cluster inside the boy’s bladder.

“It was because of curiosity,” says doctor Yanyan, according to Ladbible.

Image: AsiaWire

The teenager regretted putting the magnets in his urethra, but it was a little too late, as some of them separated and remained inside when he tried to pull them out. He then attempted to squeeze them out, but it wasn’t possible.

According to the site, the reports confirmed that the operation went smoothly, and the kid made a full recovery. Thankfully!

Image: Wikimedia Commons

After the incident, Yanyan talked about how important it is for young people to get guidance during their teens.

“They are curious and need education,” he said.

Of course, it is important that we help young people get the right information and guidance on this type of topics. So we can avoid such incidents! 

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