18 pictures proving being drunk brings out the absolute best in you

Getting a few drinks with your friends is always a treat. You laugh, cry, mess around, and just have a great time. Alcohol brings people closer, by letting us be who we really are, the purest state of our emotions. Without fearing the judgment from others or the pressure of following social etiquette.

However, nothing in excess is good, and you should never drink in excess. But some times, when it happens, it ends in a wholesome or hilarious story for the ones watching.

With that in mind here are 18 wonderful drunk stories.

1. So wholesome

Twitter: @mere_cyr

2. He just wanted some McDonalds!

Twitter: @barney_bk

3. Technology is not there yet…

Twitter: @piperjoness

4. It’s a matter of perspective


5. His life was turned upside down

Twitter: @jordanrutledge

6. Time to go to sleep

Twitter: @dvorak

7.  What are the chances?

Twitter: @kleo_patraa

8. Plot twist

Twitter: @mr_drinksonme

9. This is true

Twitter: @boss_lady0888

10. I’m happy for her

Twitter: @savannah_jade09

11. Alcohol gives you courage

Twitter: @emgrebz

12. Good friends are priceless


13. Now I want one of those

Twitter: @kerbiegibbs

14. Wholesome and dangerous

Twitter: @lenoownsme

15. He’s right though

Twitter: @dylanceeee

16. The means justified the ends here

Twitter: @madbillick

17. A happy surprise

Twitter: @megan_obrienn

18. Pacts are sacred

Twitter: @chuckelberyfinn

What a wholesome pack of drunks! I laughed my ass off.

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