27 pictures: Mom recreates celebrities’ hot and sexy photos and the internet absolutely loves it

During these difficult times, we try to stick to social distancing and isolation. It is hard to keep a positive attitude and most of us start getting anxious, feeling trapped in the place we used to dream about during those long days of work.

So we dive into our phones, tablets, or computers. Trying to distract our minds with social media, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram. We keep scrolling, looking at all those people with perfect houses, dresses, makeup, bodies, etc.

Now, more than ever, we need to make a 180Β° in our goals. Instead of chasing a fictional way of life, why not take a look at yourself, accept who you are, and let that weight on your shoulders go?

Mother accepting herself

Laura Belbin, a British mother of two, has gone viral with her Instagram account Knee deep in life, which now has 366k followers. What this wonderful woman does is that she leaves herself vulnerable – in a way that few would dare, but most can relate.

Laura has made it her job to recreate celebrities’ stylish, sexy, and amazing-looking pictures on social media. She does it, however, in a more honest way – and it rarely involves glamour.

However, that is the purpose, as she previously stated, to emphasize that your social media posts not always have to be perfect. We are all human – and behind a faultless facade, there are always problems, worries, and complexes.

Laura proves that there is no need to have a slim and sexy figure, follow the latest trends, have a perfect tan or look like a supermodel.

We are who we are – and we should be happy with that. The breasts can hang, the butt can have some extra fat and a bit of a belly – changes absolutely nothing. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, but this mother’s way of taking the whole thing with humor is absolutely priceless!

Recreates sexy celebrity photos

I always laugh my ass off when I see Laura’s masterful recreations, they are always better than the original!

Now check out her latest post yourself! Read the text, it is just as hilarious and honest as the pictures!

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How often do you not fit in??? Thing is babe, today – well!! We're kind of half way through it so, that's it. We won't get to relive it and tomorrow is undecided, but I know right now you feel utterly worthless. Maybe that there is no end? Because you're alone? You feel like the weird one! The cast off that has to hide away because you aren't good enough, that people don't understand you? I want you to look at her, the silly bitch, naked, with her vag lips almost grazing the carpet. She is me (obvs) and if I'm honest I still worry! About fitting in, being liked, because sometimes the human mind is a total wanker. Even the most confident of people will suffer with self doubt, mainly because it's allows us to not end up becoming self righteous twats. I used to listen to all the times I was told I swear too much, I should be ashamed, I need to cover up or that I'm a copycat who is unoriginal. Guess what though? Even in my moments of doubt I tell myself – FUCK IT! Why? Because I could already be half way through my hop, skip and a jump on this planet and I'll be fucked if it was ever meant to be left used on trying to fit into a place I didn't belong. I pushed away from the safety of the sides of the swimming pool and swam to the middle, it's been surprising to see who has come to tread water with me, and there are times when I feel the loneliest person wondering if I'm actually in need of psychiatric help??? But, if I die tomorrow at least I'll know the only thing the world didn't see was my labia and areolas. Take it from me, the girl who used to self harm and starve herself to try and keep control of her own life that you don't need to fit in. No matter the stares, the circles that don't invite you in, the people who call you weird. Trust me, there is a fucking legion of us screaming your name, cheering you on for quite simply being the most uniquely awesome, raddest bitch alive because the most incredible thing about you is there can only be one. Be you, let that weird bitch fly free. I'm right there with you. Also- Me: did we get it? Steve: I'll be honest babe it looks a bit shit.. Me: okay I won't use it… Also me: FUCK IT! My poor lampshade. 🀘

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Absolutely wonderful! Talk about accepting yourself!

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