Baby born 9 weeks too early – now watch his parents´ hilarious tribute being cheered by thousands

Baby born 9 weeks too early – now watch his parents´ hilarious tribute being cheered by thousands

Children are fascinating – and it’s wonderful to follow their development as they keep growing up. Especially early on when so much happens, leading to funny situations if babies try to get into the adult world.

A married couple got 9 weeks early premature baby, but they embraced it and instead pointed out that he was “extra mature” – with fantastic creativity!

To spin it in a fun way, as a tribute to their son of around 6 months, his dad decided to photograph Ryan, the baby, doing “typical” adult activities. The mother was also there to help them and make sure her son was safe.

According to Matt, the father who wrote his story on Boredpanda, there are people who overreacted after seeing his son pictures, telling him all about the dangers the boy could face. Like when he holds a razor or an ax, and Matt always points out that there is no risk of injury.

Even his wife took part in pictures – making sure everything was safe. And the dangerous gadgets were photoshopped in later. So what may seem dangerous is just proof of Matt’s amazing editing skills.

Anyway, I think these pictures are amazing! A great tribute to their premature son, but at the same time something for the family to look back at and remember with joy. Imagine when Ryan gets big enough to appreciate this!

It’s reassuring to know the beautiful boy was never in danger – all the pictures are really cool!

1. Time to cook a meal for the whole family!

2. Can’t talk, I’m late for work!

3. Just another set!

4. Yeehaw!

5. Poker night with the gang!

6. A real man chops his own wood!

7. …and catches his own food!

8. Even more training – gotta keep in shape!

9. One must fix their own car!

10. A clean shave will make you irresistible to the ladies!

11. Haha! This is our favorite! What a small gardener!

Image source (all): Boredpanda / Matt Mac

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