List: 10 best things about being home alone – I'm guilty of all of these

List: 10 best things about being home alone – I’m guilty of all of these

Being home alone can be such a relief; especially if you’re used to the bustling activity of other people around you. There’s so much constantly happening in our lives – that’s why it’s so great to have a silent moment to yourself where you can just relax and gather your thoughts.

When you’re completely alone, you’re free to do things that aren’t really appropriate to do around other people. If you live by yourself, then this naturally applies all the time – savor it while you can, because it won’t last.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and I love spending time with them, but I think most of us need a moment to ourselves every now and then!

For that reason, we’ve compiled the 10 best things about being home alone as an adult, illustrated by Idalia Candelas!

I think many of these points are absolutely brilliant – I can totally relate, although I might not admit to them all in public!

1. You can lie around wherever and read whatever – there’s nobody there to judge you!

2. You can walk around in your underwear without anyone saying a word!

3. You can even walk around naked. And you no longer need to close the bathroom door!

4. You can leave things out without anyone complaining!

5. You can take a break and enjoy the silence, drink coffee and look out through window. There’s nobody around to disturb you – it’s just you and your thoughts!

6. Your bed, your rules!

7. You can lie around in bed all day if you want to. Nobody will ask you to get up and do boring chores!

8. You can sleep wherever you want, wear whatever you want – and you have the whole bed to yourself!

Source (all): Idalia Candelas

9. You can sing loudly and off-key in the shower without anyone complaining!


10. You can eat whatever you want – and nobody will complain! Treat yourself!


Which one of these is your favorite?

If the above points are true for you, then press the share button to treat your friends to a smile today! I think we can all relate to most of these!