Here are 15 of the world’s worst jobs – number 7 looks insane!

Are you tired of your regular job? Do you need some motivation to give 100% once again at work? Then you are in luck – we’ve got you covered.

I promise some people are worse off. And I have proof, today’s list will showcase perhaps the 15 worst jobs in the world.

After getting through this list – which might prove harder than you think – you’ll reconsider your opinion about your current job. I can guarantee it!

Do let us know if you believe your job is worst than being a…

1. Target Holder

This is a good one to start the list off. Impossibly exciting. You can find this risky position in China – but oh so surprisingly, no health coverage is included in the job.

2. Food Taster

worst jobs
Source: ShangaiDaily

Yes, it may sound like the perfect job at first glance, but that’ll change when you notice the job is testing dog food. Not drooling anymore, are you?

This may be a career choice for those with a good stomach.

3. Armpit Smeller

worst jobs

There are people who more or less make a living by sniffing other people’s armpits – yes, it is a stinky truth.

The official job description is “deodorant researcher,” but no matter what color you paint it, smelling armpits is still smelling armpits.

4. Forensic Entomology

Would you like to work with dead people?

No? I thought so. 

Forensic entomologists research – and study – the life cycles of insects and arthropods found in deceased bodies. It is one of the most accurate and efficient ways to deduce the time of someone’s death.

5. Sewer Diver (in Asia)

In some Asian countries, there is a lot of improvement to be done when it comes to protective clothing. This man works daily cleaning drains – to avoid flooding the streets.

Talk about needing a shower after work.

6. Elephant Inseminator


A tough job, but someone has to do it. Check the face of the man on the right. That poor soul knows that it will soon be its turn to put on the plastic suit and “dive in.”

7. Cow Simulator

For an effective collection of bull semen, this vehicle imitates the movements of a real cow.

It also helps if the man behind the wheel roars sensually every now and then.

8. Dildo Decorator

A hard task. It is essential to get the glans, veins, and balls as realistic as possible. Details are important, after all, but surely there must be jobs more appealing out there than decorating fake penises.

9. Telecommunications Electrician (in China)

worst jobs

Both extremely difficult and dangerous. This job has it all – in a negative sense.

You almost feel sorry for the poor souls, but these heroes keep things working for millions of people. Thank you for your service!

10. Manure Collector

Fairly disgusting, but also quite important. Here, the task is to collect manure from different species and creatures. The feces are then tested to check that the animals are free of harmful materials and contaminants. The last thing you want is to damage the vegetation.

11. Horse Food Chewer

Yes, you read that right. James “Bud” Williams in Carterville wants to hire a horse eater. This is a reasonably old ad, but I guess the job is still vacant should any of you get the urge to apply for it.

13. Scarecrow

Maybe not so fun to stand and collect bird shit in a meadow all day, but on the other hand, it can suit young people lost in their smartphone all day. Besides, you are also getting some much needed fresh air.

There are some benefits to this job. Would I take it? Not for all the money in the world.

14. Bathroom Inspector


Definitely one of the worst jobs out there. In this job, it is normal to have poop and urine up to your knees. On the other hand, you will always be close to a toilet if you suddenly have to go.

15. Horse Semen Collector

worst jobs

There are many who claim they would love to work with animals. I’m one of them, but this is where I draw the line. Even if there is a good purpose behind it, I can’t see stroking a horse’s penis with a plastic vagina as one of my career goals.

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