List: 15 differences between women and men explained in pictures

There are a lot of generalizations and stereotypes when it comes to the differences between men and women. Some of it is just nonsense, but a lot of it hits the nail on the head.

Bright Side has compiled 15 pictures that demonstrate the differences in a hilarious way.

Remember to take these with a pinch of salt. They’re a little exaggerated, but there definitely is a grain of truth in there!

Can you relate?

1. This is how we dress!

2. This is what happens when we get sick!

3. This is why we buy new clothes!

4. This is why we go grocery shopping!

5. This is why we use a blow dryer!

6. This is why we go to the gym!

7. This is why we get upset!

8. This is why we do the dishes!

9. This is how we choose our cars!

10. This is how we clean!

11. This is why we go shopping!

12. This is what we think when looking in the mirror!

13. This is how we shower!

14. This is why we call our best friend!

15. This is how we choose our shampoo!

Source: Bright Side. Photo source: viktorijareut, Shekularaz

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