This cute house is only 50 square feet

Today, it is increasingly popular to settle in a slightly smaller house, which has many advantages. It’s more affordable to purchase and maintain. It is also easier to clean, renovate and keep organized.

There are lots of lovely little houses available, one cozier than the other.

But the question is whether you’ll ever see a house as cute as the one below—join us for a tour!

The house goes by the name Poco Pink, which fits it to a tee.

A cute home

The house is built on an 18-foot-long trailer.

cute house 01
Image source: Mini Tiny Homes

From the outside, you can already see how cozy the house is.

Image source: Mini Tiny Homes

The house is no bigger than 50 square feet in size.

cute house 03
Image source: Mini Tiny Homes

But when you step inside, you’ll see how spacious it is.

Image source: Mini Tiny Homes

Take a look inside

Step in—and enjoy!

cute house 05

The large windows give a good sense of space.

The open floor plan works really well.

cute house 07

The kitchen looks like it could belong to a normal-sized house.

Inside, you can find everything you need.

cute house 09

Super cozy sleeping space

Close by, there is a fully equipped bathroom.

But the best thing about the whole house has to be the upper floor.

cute house 11

You can fit a King-size bed here without any problems.

Imagine what a dream it is to live here!

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