Unique fart guide: 5 ways to pass gas in bed – laugh at your own discretion

Having a partner is one of the best things in life. A best friend you love through thick and thin. Someone who’s always there for you, no matter what.

But as with everything else, there are problems to overcome even with loved ones. One of these problems is farting in bed.

What’s the best way to pass gas in bed?

The artist Weng Chen ran into this problem. And since it’s a hard topic to bring up, she decided to make a “guide” for farting in bed when you are with your partner, according to the site Small Joys.

Thousands of couples laughing

Thousands of couples around the world are laughing after seeing this guide, they probably can relate to the different “ways” explained.

Below is the guide — can you see yourself in the pictures?

1. The Right Way

The Fart Guide
Image Source: Small Joys

The only correct — and thoughtful way. You simply get out of bed and fulfill your gassy needs elsewhere.

2. The Nice Way

The Fart Guide 1
Image Source: Small Joys

You fart under the blanket, with your butt turned away from your partner.

The Fart Guide part 2
Image Source: Small Joys

Then you fan away the smell with the help of the blanket. The downside is that the noise can awake your partner.

3. The Convenient Way

The Fart Guide part 3
Image Source: Small Joys

When you are in bed and want to keep the smell outside, you stick out your butt and let it rip.

4. The Asshole way

The Fart Guide part 4
Image Source: Small Joys

Here you need no effort — just release the gasses and stay warm under the covers.

The Fart Guide part 5
Image Source: Small Joys

Waste nothing — keep the blankets tightly closed and don’t move.

The Fart Guide Part 6
Image Source: Small Joys

Your partner will move under the blanket and activate your trap card. She calls this the “Asshole Way” for a reason — not a nice thing to do.

Unless it‘s a prank of course, if that‘s the case, just play innocent, pretend you’re sleeping and wait for their reaction.

5. The Catastrophic Way

The Fart Guide part 7
Image Source: Small Joys

To pull off this prank, fart when you are the small spoon. If you have the utmost faith in your relationship, this is the epitome of fart pranks between couples.

I get why so many couples around the world are laughing at this — it’s easy to identify with the pictures! Click that share button so your friends can laugh too!