Here’s a tasty treat for all your friends: Chocolate shaped exactly like your anus

Bringing a box of chocolates when you visit someone is often appreciated. Most of us love chocolate, and it is also an exquisite and thoughtful gesture towards a host.

However, it’s hard to know how happy people will be when you give them the chocolate in today’s story – so try not to speculate. But for $35, you can buy chocolate made from a cast of your own butthole.

Behind this genius idea is the British company Edible Anus.

This unique chocolate comes from the English artist Magnus Irvin. His previous creations include cakes shaped after celebrities’ faces and poop-themed postcards.

The anus chocolate is his latest creation, definitely not an easy product to bring into the market.

“From the ass straight down the face”

When Magnus first got the idea for the butt chocolate back in 2006, he had no one but himself for the wax cast.

“I lay on my back with my legs in the air and poured the mix on my buttocks, but it spilled down straight onto my face,” explained Magnus Irvin.

From their website:

“The Edible Anus first saw the light of day in 2006 when the London artist, Magnus Irvin, made a range of them in multi-colored chocolate to present in an exhibition. At the show, he met and formed a partnership with Mr. Ritzema, a tall man of Dutch descent. Since then, the two of them have worked together to make the range of products available today.”

The search for an anus model

While explaining his failure to use his own anus for the mold to an acquaintance at a bus stop. The person, moved by the story, offered her anus for the cause. From that point onwards, every chocolate anus sold was made from the shape of her asshole, which is now (probably) one of the most famous buttholes in the world.

chocolate anus
Image source: Youtube

However, now you can also use your own ass as a mold of the chocolate, it costs $39, but I’m sure this is a worthy investment.

“A unique luxury chocolate”

“You won’t find this unique luxury chocolate anywhere else. Imagine seeing Grandma’s face light up after she opens her gift! It is the perfect present for any occasion,” said Magnus Irwin.

Below, you can see a clip from this unique experience:

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