Angry vegan sues neighbors to stop them grilling: “I can’t use my backyard”

Everyone is different – and that is what makes this world so beautiful and diverse.

We have different thoughts, opinions, and values; we are our own unique individual. And we might not always agree with others, especially during these controversial times.

However, most people can put their differences aside for the sake of their loved ones. Without respect, the other side won’t listen to your reasons, and a constructive conversation will never take place.

However, respect went out the window on a street in Western Australia. Cilla, a vegan, sued her neighbors – because they grill so often that her yard constantly smells like fish and meat.

This whole situation is one of the weirdest we’ve seen!

Cilla Carden, who works as a massage therapist, is vegan – and very passionate about it. Her neighbors, who love to barbecue, don’t quite see eye to eye with Her. Both meat and fish are cooked on their property – something that grinds Cilla’s gears.

Cannot use her backyard

The scent and smoke keep filling her garden, claims Cilla.

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To put an end to this terrible situation, she took her neighbors to court, reports 9 News Australia. Carden said that the family in the house next door deliberately placed the barbecue close to her backyard, which leaves her unable to use the space during their barbecues.

“They’ve put it there so I smell fish, all I can smell is fish… I can’t go out there,” she told the Australian news channel.

Picture: Youtube

The dispute has been going on since late 2018, but so far, Cilla Carden has had no success in court. One reason, according to Ladbible, is that it is difficult to prove that someone grills with malicious intent.

Disturbed by playing children

According to her attorney, John Hammond, after getting rejected by the local court and the Supreme Court of Western Australia, the next step is to escalate things all the way to the Supreme Court of Australia, a bit extreme, but not yet off the table.

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Carden has also complained about the smell of cigarettes and her neighbors playing basketball.

Here you can see a video note by the Australian News Channel!

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Sure, you can get mad at people living in your neighborhood sometimes, but taking legal action to get others to stop grilling – it’s one of the craziest things I’ve heard. I wonder how much money has Cilla wasted on this dispute already.

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