Cheers! Smarter people drink more alcohol, according to new study

Cheers! Smarter people drink more alcohol, according to new study

To me, few things feel better than enjoying a few cold beers in the company of my loved ones. Usually, we stop after feeling tipsy, but every now and then you get distracted by the great time you are having and go a bit overboard with the alcohol.

And of course, you feel it the day after. Especially now that you’re a bit older. The hangover gets worse every time; it becomes unbearable. The headache, the constant fatigue, the dryness in your mouth – you can’t help but feel hopeless.

“I’ll never drink again”, we say these words every single time, but then forget about them as soon as we feel a little bit better.

However, if you are laying on the couch suffering from the aftermath of yesterday’s’ party right now, worry not, we have some great news that might help you get in a better mood!

A new study has revealed something rather unexpected, people who drink a lot are smarter and more talented than those who drink less, reports Ladbible.

The research was conducted at the London School of Economics, where researchers monitored thousands of people around the age of 39. The results showed that women with a degree drink twice as often compared to the ones who didn’t choose to pursue higher education.

“The more educated a woman is, the more likely she is to drink alcohol,” the researchers concluded.


But don’t despair, smart gentleman – they drew the same conclusion for the male counterparts.

Better for your career

To compare, women with higher education are 71% more likely to drink frequently than those who do not have a degree, while the more educated men were “only” 49% more propense to consume alcohol than their friends without higher education.

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The study also states that these results trace back to a relatively early age. Thanks to the English National Child Development Study (NCDS), we know that the people with more talent, around the age of 20, are also often the ones who drink the most frequently – and subsequently, for the rest of their lives, take better career-wise decisions.


Of course, heavy consumption of alcohol leads to many problems – everyone knows that – so we should not just put this as a positive thing. On the other hand, I found this information to be very interesting.

So during the summertime, it’d be nice to think about this research when you are wondering if you should have that last glass of wine at the bar.

What a great combination – not only do you drink some tasty alcohol, relax and enjoy with your friends. You are also a genius!

Don’t fool around now, share this important news with your smart friends!