Creep harasses unknown woman in elevator, now watch him get what he deserves

The topic of sexual harassment towards women has gotten a lot of attention lately. Women being sexually harassed and groped is a big problem that we’ve yet to really deal with.

The woman in this clip decided to take things into her own hands – and gave the creep a taste of his own medicine.

As I’m sure you’re aware, the #MeToo movement resulted in many famous men being being accused of sexual harassment and misconduct.

Girls and women should be able to feel safe in the presence of strange men, but that’s often not the case today. It’s easy to start feeling frustrated and resigned when you keep hearing about new incidents popping up. At some point, men have to step up to the plate and put a stop to this idiocy.

In any case, in the clip below, a woman is browsing her phone in an elevator. The only other passenger is a strange man. A few seconds later, the security camera catches him walking up behind her. He starts looking over her shoulder, as if to see what’s on her cell phone.

Won’t back down

The woman clearly shows that she’s not comfortable with him being so close – but a few seconds later, he’s at it again.
The man doesn’t back down. This time he strokes her shoulder in a “seductive” manner. There’s no doubt that this is sexual harassment.

The woman in the clip has had enough. After making him back off, she kicks the creep straight in the groin, and then knees him right in the face. The man lies whimpering on the floor as the woman exits the elevator.

Of course, we’re not saying that violence is a good solution to this problem. We should avoid violence when possible, but you have a right to defend yourself – and I really don’t think that the man in this clip was ready for the instant payback he got.

Thumbs up

He sure was in for a painful surprise! Even though I think that neither these people acted perfectly, I still have to give thumbs up to the woman who showed that what the man did was not OK. Doing this to strangers is unacceptable, especially when she had already indicated that she wasn’t interested.

The woman in the clip is Chinese TV personality and actress Du Qiao. For that reason, some people think that this video is staged and fake. She claims that it’s authentic, saying that she was just minding her own business when the man forced a reaction from her. In any case (we just don’t know), we think it was worth sharing with you.

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