A dream come true: The advent calendar for all wine lovers is finally here – a new bottle every day!

One of my absolute favorite things about Christmas is opening advent calendars. It really helps in gradually building up the feeling of excitement and expectation – which finally reaches its peak when you get to celebrate Christmas Day with those near and dear to you.

My parents always used to give me a chocolate calendar, and I remember how I loved opening the doors and getting a sweet surprise every morning. To this day, I still keep up the tradition every Christmas.

But then I came across this piece of news, and I think I might just substitute chocolate for something else this year – a wine calendar!

American Direct Wines is launching a wine calendar this Christmas, Elite Daily writes. There’s a mini wine bottle behind every door, allowing you to take a sip of something different each day until Christmas.

Discover a new taste every day

The calendar contains 24 completely different wines, which gives you the opportunity to try something you’ve never tasted before. There’s Chardonnay, Bordeaux, Champagne and much more.

This dreamy calendar will cost you a bit more than your average chocolate calendar – it’s priced at $129, which does sound like a lot. But considering the amount of wine you’re getting, it really isn’t that bad.

Good for your health

Drinking a bottle of wine a day may sound like a bad idea, but these mini bottles don’t contain much more than a glass’ worth. And a glass of wine a day does you good!

The antioxidants in wine reduce the likelihood of getting cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis, plus it’s good for your memory.

I love having a glass of wine in the evenings, and I think this is great news. Press the share button to tell your friends about this amazing idea!