Finally: Now you can drink wine – straight from your bra

Finally: Now you can drink wine – straight from your bra

In the summer, there are two things that most people have on top of their list. One is to go out as much as possible, and the other is to drink alcohol. However, it can be a little shameful or embarrassing to carry around a large bottle of your favorite booze around.

But there is actually a solution – with the extra bonus that your breasts will look bigger.

Now you can buy a sports bra with a secret alcohol stash – which can hold an entire bottle of wine. This way you can bring your favorite drink with you wherever you go – and people won’t even notice.

Could drinking wine from your bra be the biggest trend of this summer?!

Is there anything better than drinking wine while enjoying your friends’ company on hot summer days? Hardly!

Wine, gin or whiskey, it doesn’t really matter, but I think it’s a bit difficult to carry around a bottle while going out. People will look at you with eyes full of judgment – especially when they know you are carrying plenty of strong alcohol in your hands.

Drinking tube with on/off valve

Now, however, the answer to our prayers is finally here. On the creator’s website, The Beerbelly, you can buy their latest invention, “The WineRack”. Women’s best friend for this summer. You can suddenly turn a small A cup in to double Ds – and, at the same time, bring your favorite drink everywhere. It’s definitely cheaper than a boob job – and much more fun at parties.

wine brassiere
Picture: The WineRack / The Beerbelly

The creators developed this unique sports bra to be able to carry the volume of a bottle of wine inside the brassiere without being visible from the outside. Perfect if you are going to the movies or a concert and don’t want to pay for overpriced drinks.

Picture: The WineRack / The Beerbelly

Besides carrying your favorite drink, this product also makes your breasts 2 cups bigger, according to the site. Quite the win-win situation, or should I say wine-wine situation?

The popular bra is available in small (32A-32D), medium (34A-34D) and large (36A-36D) sizes. It has a removable polyurethane bag adapted to fit the bras. The long drinking pipe with an on/off valve also makes it easy to control the amount of liquid.

Picture: The WineRack / The Beerbelly

The product costs $29.99 at the time of writing, you can get it over at The Beerbelly, the product is currently on sale, so you better hurry and get one before it’s gone!

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