Meet Nataliya, 27 – the world’s strongest woman

Here at The Laugh Bible, we think everyone should look however they want. We shouldn‘t mock or tease someone for their appearance – and how to dress and shape yourself is, of course, entirely up to yourself.

We have, however, previously reported on amazing and fascinating people who are strong enough to do things their own way. They don’t give a heck about society’s preconceived idea of beauty and follow their own dreams.

We think that’s very important. We must never forget that all people are equal and the cultural difference between us is what makes our world so colorful and lively. In any case, that’s my firm opinion.

Nataliya Kuznetsova, a Russian 27-year-old, holds the world armlifting, bench press, and deadlift titles – and her entire lifestyle is about improving her muscular and impressive body.

Everything is about becoming stronger and being able to lift more.

It was at the age of 14 that Nataliya decided to become a bodybuilder, according to the site Ladbible.

This Russian powerlifter has set several world records – and she has previously talked about people’s preconceived opinions, she refers to them as children who cry when they meet with someone far stronger than them. However, she treasures all the love she gets from her numerous fans around the world.

In early 2017, Nataliya announced that she would leave the spotlight and “retire” from powerlifting, but only one and a half years later she is back for the next big competition in Moscow.

This gym lover was born in 1991, is 5’7″ tall and weighs just over 220lbs during offseason. Her bench press record is over 374lbs and her deadlift record is 530lbs.

What’s your opinion on Nataliya’s life choices? Is she doing the right thing by following her dreams, or is this pure madness? Feel free to share your opinion, but keep it civil in the comments section!