Perfect motivation: Get rewarded with free beer – after jogging

Most of us have a hard time getting motivated to exercise.

It can be considerably more attractive to sit on the couch and drink a couple of ice cold beers. Imagine if you could combine these activities!

But now this could become a reality!

In collaboration with the jogging app, Strava, the challenge has been accepted by New Balance, who opened The Runaway Pub – where the only currency accepted is the miles you’ve run.

So jog – and you will be rewarded with beer.

Now it’s finally important to exercise!

Jokes aside, running is a rewarding activity. You burn calories, get a healthier skin – the advantages of going for a run now and then are endless. One disadvantage, however, is that you can‘t drink beer at the same time. Or it’d be complicated at the very least.

Can get up to six beers – for running

Now, however, the company New Balance is making a promising initiative, which aims to bring beer and jogging closer, according to Runners World.

Image: Geograph

New Balance, together with Strava, has opened The Runaway Pub. The only payment accepted at the bar is the miles you’ve run. What all thirsty joggers have to do is to hand in their running distances at the bar – and you’ll get their tasty products for no extra cost.

Specifically, the app will offer four different exercise challenges between 13 and 40 miles. If you manage 50 percent of the jogging task, you can exchange it for two free beers each for yourself and a friend. However, a 100% finished challenge means each of you gets three beers!

There’s also a gym

As more friends get involved, you can help each other with training and as a running partner.


This amazing pub also has a gym, so you can warm up a bit before doing some serious drinking. The Runaway Pub is open until April and is located in London at the following address:

The Runaway Pub
64-68 Charing Cross Road,
London, UK, WC2H 0HR

Now do your friends a favor and tag those who would train like crazy for this event! Or just share this vital information with your beer-loving friends!