Summer is saved: There’s now ketchup ice cream to cool you off on hot days

There are people who put ketchup on everything. The most classic dishes for ketchup are hotdogs, pasta, and hamburgers; however, some will smear this popular dressing on everything they eat, from pancakes to even bananas, these people have no chill.

With its distinct aroma and unmistakable taste, ketchup, like any other dressing, doesn’t suit all foods, but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder – even if to me, it sounds… yucky. What ketchup tastes good with, we’ll probably never agree on.

Lately, something that is getting a lot of attention is… ketchup ice cream!

Yes, this is real – and thousands of people online have either succumb to its taste or question the mere existence of this flavor.

Ketchup is definitely good – in moderation.

Image: Flickr

If you ask me, there is such a thing as too much ketchup, and you shouldn’t use it for everything. Here, however, opinions are split evenly – there are even some maniacs want the thing on whatever enters their mouth!

Worth a trip to Ireland?

These people, and ketchup enthusiasts, will be happy to know the fact that it’s possible to cool off with a scoop of ketchup ice cream.

Picture: Twitter / @ nvzreens

Gelati, the ice cream chain, has had this ice cream flavor available for over a year. They have two stores – both located in Ireland. More specifically, in the cities of Enniscrone and Ballina, according to the site Delish. In other words, there will be some travel costs for us Americans who are crazy enough to travel there just to taste it.

However, with summer vacations approaching, maybe some ketchup lovers were already planning on visiting the old continent, then all it takes a little detour to taste that delicious ketchup ice cream!

Picture: Twitter / @ nvzreens

The ice cream shop created this flavor when the renowned singer Ed Sheeran, who has a ketchup bottle tattooed on one arm, had two concerts scheduled in Dublin – and to welcome him, the store created the flavor in tribute to the artist. Moreover, concert attendees were able to get free scoops, according to The Sun.

ketchup ice cream
Image: Instagram / @ Gelati_icecream

Gelati crazy creations and unique flavors have been the center of attention for ketchup lovers worldwide. If you feel that it’s attracting, then just visit Ireland this summer. In conclusion, the dream of eating a scoop of glorious ketchup ice cream can become a reality!

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