The nose warmer is finally here – winter is saved!

Although this fall has been pretty mild so far, winter is coming on fast and it’s about to get a lot more chilly.

Putting on a warm jacket and gloves is all well and good, but there’s one part of your body that’s always left unprotected: your nose.

It gets sensitive, red and runny all winter season. But there’s finally a brilliant solution – the nose warmer, Unilad reports.

As autumn turns into winter, we all reach for gloves, scarves, hats and everything else that protects us from the elements.

Constantly cold nose

It’s actually astounding that we’ve never had any piece of clothing designed to warm our noses. The poor schnoz is always exposed to the elements, which often results in your nose getting red and sensitive.

In order to combat this, British crocheter Sally Steel-Jones designed a nose warmer – and it looks absolutely hilarious.

A tiny hat for your snout

The nose warmer is cleverly designed. You put a crocheted string over your head and wear it like a little hat for your nose, which doesn’t cover the mouth or eyes.

The company behind this idea is fittingly called the The Nose Warmer Company and they offer several different designs. And sure, they do make you look a little funny, but you’ll definitely get noticed!

This sounds like a great solution for people like me. Please tell me I’m not the only one who easily gets cold! Press the share button to tell your friends about this hilarious invention!