Here’s the world’s first male sex doll – resembles young Brad Pitt and can sing your favorite song

Are you single, horny and very rich? Then you can treat yourself to a “Henry” this Christmas. That’s the name of the world’s first male sex robot.

This sexy machine reminds the manufacturer of a young Brad Pitt with his rugged torso and angular cheekbones, he can sing your favorite song and recite poems for you, according to the British site The Sun.

It is the company Realbotix that is behind this revolutionary sex robot. Henry is not only a well-equipped sex robot. He also has a computer in his head that can learn songs, poems and even jokes if you are in the mood.

Can adjust penis as desired

The 5’ 11″ tall robot can, of course, be adapted to the customer’s own preferences, including its penis, where you can choose both shape and size. Remember to remove the penis for cleaning after a round in bed!

But exquisite tastes means hefty prices — Henry goes for no less than $10,000.

“Not able to take out the trash — just yet”

Matt McMullen, the chief executive of Abyss Creations, which owns Realbotix, explains that the requests from women are many more than you can imagine.

“We’ve had a lot more inquiries than you would think from women who want not a sex partner but a companion — someone to talk to. And I said, ‘Well, you know, he could listen to you, he’ll remember everything, but he’s not going to be able to take out the trash just yet, or fix the sink or anything like that,” said Matt McMullen to The Sun.

“Easier than dating someone”

The women who have already acquired a Henry have been more than satisfied. A woman named Jessica says, “It’s so much easier than dating a real guy.”

The industry for sex robots has grown a lot in recent years and with some estimated saying it will be worth almost 30 billion by 2020.

The number of searches on the internet for sex robots has more than doubled since 2017.

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