Amazon now sells a boat-shaped pool float that fits up to 6 people and has a built-in beer cooler

Many of us have envied those millionaires with their expensive boats cruising around the sea. Sailing through the waves with the warmth of the sun on their necks, just being free to go anywhere in the world – it’s hard to imagine something better.

Unfortunately, few of us can afford such fancy comfort.

Worry not, our prayers have been answered – now there is an affordable path into a life on the sea filled with luxury. An inflatable alternative, but very similar to the real thing, according to Viral Thread.

Amazon, the popular online store, is currently selling the “Inflatable Bay Breeze Boat – Party Island.” This is by no means a children’s toy, this is your ticket to a paradise of waves and hot summer days.

Image Source: eBay

You must know, however, that it doesn’t come with an engine – after all, it’s made of plastic.

Image Source: eBay

Costs around $250

However, this is a perfect solution for all of us who want a taste of heaven, but don’t really have the economic resources required for it.

Image Source: eBay

The boat can fit up to 6 people, it has five handles that make it easy to get in and out – an inflatable bench seat, and 8 cup holders to enjoy an ice-cold beer under the sun without having to worry about it falling into the water.

Image Source: eBay

It also comes with a built-in cooler inside, so your drinks will remain cold until they are empty.

Image Source: eBay

Of course, the boat can be used in a decent-sized pool as well. It’s 20 feet long by 10 feet wide and weighs around 60 pounds. It takes 20 minutes to inflate, which is a small price to pay for the wonderful experience you are about to embark yourself into.

Image Source: eBay

The price then? It costs between $250 and $350. Not bad, eh?

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