You can now stay at a Taco Bell themed hotel – tacos on the menu, by the bed and in the pool

After a long, cold winter, the summer is finally knocking at the door. With it, comes nice weather, sunshine, and vacations!

Your vacation plans may not be settled yet, so why not stay at a luxury hotel this summer?

If you love tacos more than anything else, then you are in luck. A new hotel, perfect for your taste, has opened its doors – everything in the hotel revolves around tacos, writes Buzzfeed.

Taco Bell has, for the past 60 years, made tacos as big of an American tradition as football, baseball, and hamburgers. Every day, American families all over the country get together to enjoy minced meat, guacamole, cilantro and any other topping you can imagine wrapped in a small tortilla.

Taco time

Most importantly, this summer, the dream will come true for all taco lovers. A Taco Bell hotel will open its doors in Palm Springs, California.

Taco Bell, the popular fast-food franchise, starting from August, will take over a resort to transform it into a paradise for taco lovers.

In the pool, you can relax on top of a taco-themed air bed, and on the menu, you can find as many taco flavors as you can imagine.

Taco nails and hairstyles

That is to say, for a short time, the hotel will go by the name “The Bell” in tribute to the fast-food restaurant.

In addition, there will be a souvenir shop with all sorts of taco accessories available.

However, if you want to go deeper into taco-fashion, there is a taco beauty salon. You can paint your nails with your favorite taco flavor or get a hairstyle that looks like a wrap.

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That’s the dream – who would you like to go with?

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