List: 17 handy parenting tips that will make you double with laughter

Being a parent is a full-time job with almost no days off. You still love the little ones more than anything, and nothing worthwhile comes without energy and effort. But sometimes they can really drive you crazy…

As a parent raising a couple of toddlers, I’m thankful for any tips and tricks that can make my everyday life easier.

Here’s a list of 17 ingenious tips that are guaranteed to make your parenting life easier!

1. Put up dividers in the back seat to make your kids stop fighting

2. Good, clean fun – turn your baby into a mop!

3. How to trick your son into taking his medicine!

4. Glitter on a bill will make the tooth fairy seem real

5. Smart way of stopping your daughter from falling down

6. Want to keep your children busy for a while? Ask them to paint your fence with water!

7. A little imagination can turn a towel into a toddler hammock!

8. Bring a mattress cover to the beach to keep out the sand!

9. An old cot can easily be turned into an arts and crafts station!

10. Hide your candy in a bag of greens – your kids will never find them!

11. If your baby has a hard time sleeping: fill a glove with some rice and put it on his/her back

12. Tired of your kid drawing on the walls? Here’s your solution!

13. Bathe in a laundry basket to keep toys from floating away

14. Put rubber bands on doorknobs to keep your toddlers from locking themselves in

15. Turn housework into a game, and they’ll be more interested in helping out!

16. Tired of ice cream dripping on clothes and floor? A take away lid can solve your problem!

17. When your kids are fighting, give them a “get along” shirt.

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