Baby refuses to stop crying – this dad’s simple solution is being celebrated by millions online

Having children is amazing. You watch the little human you created grow up, evolve, and find their own way, It’s just such a fulfilling experience.

Like looking at yourself in a small mirror. So similar yet so different, you hope they become a better version of yourself.

And even though is wonderful, an infant’s cries can be quite stressful.

This stress can force new parents to get creative — like Daniel, the father in this story.

Daniel is the happy father of a little girl, but like all the parents with young children, gets exhausted sometimes. Especially when his daughter refuses to stop crying.

Baby refuses to stop crying
Image Source: Facebook

Quiet in a few seconds

However, Daniel has come up with a little trick that — works every single time. When his daughter refuses to fall asleep and just cries, he makes a humming sound.

Then it takes only a few seconds before his adorable little daughter, becomes silent and falls asleep.

Medical explanation

Daniel has uploaded a clip to Facebook where he hums his screaming daughter to sleep.

Over 43 million people have seen the clip online, and a lot of them shared their admiration for Daniel’s creativity.

But it’s not all Daniel. The sound he makes is like the noise babies hear in the stomach during pregnancy. Because they are used to that noise, babies associate it with calmness.

Below is the clip of this clever dad and his crying daughter.

[arve url=”” title=”Dad hums at his baby to make her stop crying” description=”Dad hums at his baby to make her stop crying” aspect_ratio=”3:3.8″ /]

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