Dad gets furious when his 2 sons use their phones at dinner – his reaction is totally unexpected

Today’s youth wouldn’t survive without their mobiles. Wherever you encounter the younger generation today, they are looking at their phones. They don’t find what’s happening around them as interesting as what happens on that screen!

Certainly, technology development has brought in a lot of good things, but I think it’s a shame that some people can’t finish a meal without having to take a photo for Instagram. Instead of enjoying the moment, they are more concerned with showing off to strangers on the internet.

Some people have had enough of this — like the dad in this video!

Even though I don‘t want to be negative, I feel that phones have too big of a place in our lives. Sure, they are useful and help us in many ways — but the social interaction with the people you have close has suffered a lot.

Many times, I feel that what happens in people’s mobiles is more important than what is happening around them — for example, during a conversation or a meal.

Fails to pass the salt

This short film (below) is a brilliant example of this and I really think the clip summarizes what many parents feel every day.

It’s a family — mom, dad and their 2 sons — sitting and eating dinner together. After a short while, both sons grab their phones and you can see it’s starting to get on the dad’s nerves. It’s probably happened several times before.

Dad gets furious

Then the father asks one son to pass the salt — to see of how much attention his son is paying — but when the mobile-immersed youngster fails to fulfill the request, this father has had enough.

Now, look at his unexpected reaction, which gives the mother quite the chuckle!

I think it’s absolutely hilarious, and these boys got something to think about!

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