Which thumb is yours? The answer will tell you something special about your personality

Is our personality affected by our appearance? Humans have been trying to answer this question for centuries.

Do tall people behave differently? Can your hair color affect your intelligence? These sorts of topics have been home to countless debates throughout history.

Today, there are lots of personality tests based on our looks. Of course, we should take them with a pinch of salt, but it is still quite fun to see how our appearance might affect our character.

Besides, they often get things spot on.

So now, look carefully at your right thumb and study its shape.

Its appearance will reveal something interesting about your personality, to find out, continue reading below.

Thumb A

thumb A

If both of these parts are the same size, then you are a person of balance. People with this type of thumb are described as calm and patient, making them great teachers. These people often find themselves as the official family’s advisor.

Thumb B

thumb b

If the upper part is a little bigger, this might suggest that you are a perfectionist. You are very dedicated and work incredibly hard to achieve your dreams. Spending a lot of time on the little details is no problem, and you always want to do things in a certain order. You can dive deep into any task and usually stay on it until is solved. You are brutally honest, and people around you know they can trust you.

Thumb C

If the lower part is larger, it indicates that you are a hard worker. No matter what obstacles come your way, you always end up on top. Problem-solving is your calling in life. Thanks to your natural intellect and charisma, your confidence lights up any room you enter. People refer to you as the perfect colleague.

Thumb D

Hold your thumb up. If your thumb makes a curve, you are probably a very expressive person. You are close to your feelings and adapt quickly to social situations and environments. Your creativity and curiosity are endless. You are always searching for new experiences. Your approach to problems might not be “normal,” but spending most of your time thinking outside the box gives you an overwhelming advantage – and you usually end up solving issues in a creative way.

Thumb E

thumb e

If your thumb is straight, you are very determined and stubborn. You like to decide and can sometimes seem obsessed when trying to reach a goal, but at the same time, people admire your ambition and know that they can always trust you. You are very analytical and give great constructive criticism.

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