Back to work: Most people can’t solve this old riddle – but can you find the correct answer?

Summer break, whether you like it or not, it’s coming to an end. The weather continues to be warm and nice, but the lazy days on the beach will soon be over.

During our time off, we – rightfully – take it easy and recharge our batteries before the fall.

Lying for weeks a hammock, sofa, beach, or similar, means that, while well-rested, you may have gotten a little lazy over the break. And now that you need to work again, it might be hard to get up to speed. A perfect way to sharpen up your brain is with good ‘ol brainteasers.

If you spend a few minutes on problem-solving exercises, your brain will start recovering its focus and concentration.

An honest old riddle

Puzzles can come in many “flavors.” Today, there are millions to pick from online.

It can be math problems from school, crossword puzzles, optical illusions – and even a classic old riddle.

Riddles are very popular here in The Laugh Club, so here comes one.

A sheep’s wool

Here comes the old riddle.

old riddle
Image source: The Laugh Club

On which side of a sheep can you find the most wool?

It’s essential to do some critical thinking, which side is it?

We’ll report the correct answer below.

Here is the correct answer

Have you come up with an answer? Take a deep breath and concentrate, the answer might be easier than you think.

Maybe there is something you are missing in this old riddle?

After the picture below, you can see if you got the right solution.

summer solution
Image source: Pexels

The answer is the outside.

Clever, right? You have to think outside the box to come up with the answer.

Did you get it right? Good job then!

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