Challenge: Can you find the hidden bird in this picture?

Optical illusions, or visual puzzles, as they are often referred to, have entertained and fascinated people for centuries.

The creators behind them have taken or drawn pictures and figures that contain hidden details, other figures, or even the most unexpected of things, and not everyone can see or find them.

It can be a hidden face inside a picture of a forest, or maybe a figure that changes meaning if you flip it around. It’s exciting to see who can find them first, between family and friends.

The exciting part about visual puzzles, is that you can see different figures – or none at all. It’s individual and according to experts, sometimes what you see first says something about your personality. The picture below is, however, not one of those.

Can you find the hidden bird?

Instead, it’s a challenge. The test is to find what is hiding in the picture – a small bird.

Here below we can see an ordinary photograph of a tree with branches and twigs, but somewhere in the picture, there’s a bird hiding.

Can you find it? The answer comes below the picture.

find the hidden bird

Were you able to find it? If yes, Congratulations!

However, if you failed, you can check the answer below. And don’t worry, it was a very difficult one!

find the hidden bird solution

There it is! It’s hard to find even though is right in front of our eyes!

Bonus Challenge

Okay, we’re doing one more now that we’ve warmed up!

We need to find three people in the picture below. A little clue: think outside the box!

find the hidden
Image source: Guff

Did you find all three? If so, you have sharp eyes, congrats!

If you did not succeed, then see the answers below.

find the hidden
Image source: Guff

There are two people standing there on the shore – they were not so difficult to find.

But where does the third person hide? Below is the answer.

Image source: Guff

There it is! A little baby hiding from the untrained eye!

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