Challenge: Most people answer this tough riddle wrong

Regular exercise always makes you feel rejuvenated. Whether it is a jog around the block, a bike ride, or just a walk, it is healthy for the body.

However, many people often forget that our most important muscle, the brain, also needs exercise from time to time to keep its sharpness.

Of course, we use our minds all the time, even while we sleep. But sometimes it is useful to put everything aside and let the brain solve a few good ‘ol puzzles to relax and warm back up.

After a round of brainteasers, you’ll feel sharper and ready to face a new day full of adult responsibilities.

Brainteasers are available in many shapes and forms. The ones who come with the morning newspaper are the classic crossword puzzles and sudoku.

But if you go online, there are millions of fun challenges waiting for you, one trickier than the other.

Time for a tough riddle

In recent times, it has become popular to solve old puzzles, which have been circling the web for generations now.

Riddles are something that makes us think of our childhood, back when we went to school. A time when our only job was to have fun and explore the world.

Riddles are seldom simple and you have to think a little outside the box to figure them out. The tough riddle below is a perfect example of that.

How is that possible?

Here, in the picture below, comes today’s riddle.

tough riddle

“The day before yesterday, I was 17 years old. But next year I will turn 20. How is that possible?”

This tough riddle is, well… quite tough. How is such a thing possible?

A little clue: try to think outside the box if you want to solve this mystery.

If you can’t find the answer, we will show it below.

Here is the correct answer to the riddle

If you didn’t get it, no worries. This puzzle has left many people tearing their hair out in despair.

Below, you’ll find the answer.

brain exercise
Image source: Pexels

Answer: I made the statement on January 1, and my birthday is December 31.

Far from being a simple riddle. It was really important to think outside the box!

Did you solve the tough riddle on your own? Congratulations to you then!

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