Do you have what it takes to solve this math problem – for 11-year-olds?

Math was never my favorite subject in school, but there’s still something about quizzes, math problems and brainteasers that makes me nostalgic. Maybe it’s because as you grow older, you learn to appreciate knowledge and mental agility more than before.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, one of my favorite activities is to sit outside in the sun with a cold beverage and solve some tricky brainteasers.

They can be anything from crosswords to sudoku, but lately I’ve been getting into math problems – and they’re great fun!

Winter is come and gone, and summer is approaching fast. So what could be better than sitting out in the sun and letting your brain cells get some exercise?

Not only is it fun to test yourself, it’s also fun to bring out your competitive side and to challenge others.

Knowledge degrades

So now I’m going to treat you to a math problem designed for school students. But it’s not that simple for those of us who graduated decades ago. It’s easy to forget the order of operations as we grow older.

Now to the brainteaser – can you figure out the answer? Try to think back on the mathematical rules!

To help you along, we’ve provided 3 solutions.

We can already reveal that “C: Something else” can be discarded.

So either 24 or 154 is correct. But which one?

2 × 5 + 3 + 1 × 11

If you remember, multiplication is always done before addition. Therefore:

10 + 3 + 11

There we go!

The solution is 24.

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