How do you make a fist? The answer says something important about your personality

How do you make a fist? The answer says something important about your personality

Since ancient times, humanity has tried to draw conclusions from their surroundings. From reading hands, where the lines in your palms supposedly predict your future, to today’s different personality tests you can find online.

Although, of course, personality tests should be taken with a pinch of salt, they can still be quite fun. In addition, they are spot on more often than I’d like to admit.

This personality test below analyzes the way you make a fist and tell us the type of person you are, according to The Daily Net.

Clench your fist and see if it matches your personality type.

It happens several times a day without us thinking about it – making a fist. Maybe because you are nervous, or because you got angry and clenched your hand out of fury. But exactly how do we wrap our fingers to form it? The answer says something about us as people.

There are three different types

Below you can see the three different ways to make a fist – for the sake of simplicity, we’ll call them A, B and C.

How do you clench your fist?

Below, you can see what it says about your personality.

Fist A

If you hold your fist this way, you are a gentle person. Your friends see you as a considerate and sensitive individual.

You make no hasty decisions, and think carefully before you do anything, you are strategic and well organized.

You are very accessible as a person, which means that you are considerate and you make friends easily, you take other’s feelings into account constantly and act accordingly.

Fist B

make a fist

If you put your thumbs over your fingers this way, you are charming and talented. Your charisma allows you to easily step into a room and make everyone like you. It makes you happy to talk about everything to anyone, which is driven by your insatiable curiosity.

You always say what you are thinking, and don’t put up with anyone you consider has wronged you, right and just describe you perfectly. Your feelings are very clear, if you are happy, sad or angry, everyone notices immediately.

Fist C

make a fist C

Closing your thumb under your fingers shows an introverted personality. The thumb symbolizes the thoughts you keep to yourself. You have a few, but very close friends, and try to avoid conflicts. But when someone finally manages to anger you out of your peaceful nature, you explode like an atomic bomb.

You appreciate social events, but rarely stay the whole night, you usually depart at the earliest socially acceptable hour. Your most prominent characteristics are harmony and calm.

make a fist

Which one of these is your fist, and how accurate is your personality description?

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