Logic test: Which man is carrying the most weight?

Challenging your brain from time to time is an excellent way to keep a fresh and sharp mind.

The brain, just like the rest of the body, needs regular exercise to stay healthy, this is where brainteasers come in.

These puzzles send us back to our school days, where all we had to do was learn and have fun. Today, however, we are rarely faced with challenges that are either relaxing or without stress.

The type of puzzles you take on doesn’t matter. The important part is that you give your mind a good workout.

Full focus needed

It can be anything, from crossword puzzles to old riddles. If you go online, you’ll quickly find millions of different tests to sink your teeth into.

The one below involves logical thinking. So it can be challenging to solve as puzzles of this kind are far from simple.

Therefore, it is essential to focus, but if you put your mind to it. I know you’ll solve it in no time.

Who’s carrying the most weight?

Here is today’s tricky challenge. In the picture below, we can see three men carrying a log—a rather difficult task, it seems.

Your job now is to figure out which of the men in the image is carrying the most weight.

Are you ready? Here comes the picture.

Who is carrying the most weight?

Not an easy challenge, so take your time before you decide on an answer. We’ll reveal the correct solution below.

Here is the answer

Have you picked an answer? The solution comes after the picture below.

Image source: Pixabay

The correct answer is: the man in the middle is carrying 25% more weight than the other two.

However, there have been some discussions about whether this answer is really the correct one. Many people have their own theories about it.

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