Most adults fail to solve this math problem for kids – will you succeed?

Regardless of your current age, you’ll never be too old for good ‘ol brainteasing.

Regularly giving the mind a workout keeps it alert and fresh. Keeping our most important “muscle” in shape is essential for a long and happy life.

The type of test you face doesn’t matter. The important part is to provide our minds with a challenge.

Not only are you doing something healthy, but you are also having fun! Few things beat the fantastic feeling of solving a complicated puzzle.

If you look around a bit online nowadays, there are millions of fun and exciting brainteasers to choose from.

A math problem for kids

Something that has become trendy today is old math problems from back in school.

It has probably been a while since you went to school. And unless your career revolves around numbers, whenever you come across a math problem, you try to remember the information your brain got all those years ago, back in class.

But if you concentrate, I’m sure you’ll be able to solve the next test.

Can you solve the next puzzle?

Here comes today’s challenge. But you can’t use a calculator to solve it, that would make things too easy!

You just need to add up all the numbers in the picture below – can you solve this simple math problem for kids?

math problem for kids
Image source: The Laugh Club / Newsner

What did you get? Write down your answer, and then compare it to the explanation that appears below.

Here is the correct answer

Do you have your answer ready? Below this picture is the conclusion.

Image source: Pexels

Answer:  Did you get 5,000? Then you are far from alone, but still wrong. The correct answer is 4,100. Most people get confused when adding the numbers with double digits, unconsciously adding 1000 instead of 100, and therefore getting the incorrect answer 5,000.

Did you get it right? Congratulations to you in that case! You really have a good eye for detail.

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