Only smart people can read backwards – are you able to do it?

Taking care of your brain is just as important as it is for your body. Both need regular exercise to stay in good condition. Sure, you use your brain when you work, for example, but repetitive tasks and stress hardly count as healthy exercise.

Crosswords and sudoku are two of the most traditional mind teasers – but lately, I’ve found backward messages to be my favorite kind of challenge.

Everyone has something they are good at. Some people can solve puzzles quicker than others, some are more organized and others are better at sports.

Skills that characterize smart people are quick thinking, problem-solving and immense curiosity.

Of course, you can train these skills yourself through different exercises – like reading backward.

Can you read the text in this picture?

Reading backward quickly requires a certain amount of talent and practice. It’s very hard for anyone to read at the same speed as when they read a normal, correctly oriented text.

Below we have prepared a small test – can you read the text in the picture below?

It’s really not that easy, but after looking at the picture for a while it gets easier.

In other words, it’s possible to train our brains to read this way, but for the sake of simplicity, you can see the picture reversed below.

Bonus: More brain exercise

Okay, now that we’ve warmed up, time for another challenge.

Can you read what’s in the picture below?

It was a bit trickier, so if you didn’t manage it, here’s the answer.

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