People answer this test incorrectly after missing an important detail: Which family has the strongest bond?

Brainteasers are becoming quite popular during the lockdown. We all search for our daily distractions. Watching TV and Youtube can only take you so far after months inside your home.

That’s right. Our minds and bodies need a stimulus to remain sharp and healthy. For the body, a jog around the block does the trick. But many people forget to exercise the most important “muscle” we possess, our brains.

Today, technology takes care of everything for us, which means that you rarely have to do any prime thinking. Most of your day probably involves repetitive tasks that hardly challenge your mind.

If you want to move those brain cells around, you can always consider solving one or two puzzles.

Puzzles in different shapes and forms

Puzzles can have many shapes and forms, but it usually means you have to overcome a challenge. It can be anything from a school math equation to crosswords or sudoku.

The test we have for you below may not fall into any of the above categories, but have proven to be very popular online.

Which family has the strongest bond?

Here comes today’s challenge. Below we can see a picture of three families walking together.

Which of the families has the strongest bond?

Which family has the strongest bond? 1

Can you see it? It’s not easy, so you have to take a good look and slowly scan the picture before deciding.

Below, we’ll show you the answer.

Here’s the closest family

Have you decided on an answer? You can see the family with the strongest bond after the next picture.

Image source: Pexels

The correct answer is family number 3.

How do we get there? Let us take a closer look at the picture.

The strongest bond solution

Family #1: While the family walks together, you can see the father seems a little absent and doesn’t hold his wife’s hand or even looks at his daughter.

Family #2: These three hardly look like a family. The parents don’t seem to care too much about the daughter, and no one is even holding hands.

Family #3: Here, we have a family in sync. The parents are holding each other, and the father is holding his daughter’s hand firmly. No one is left behind! That’s why family number 3 is the correct answer!

Did you pick the right answer? Congratulations then!

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