Puzzle: None of my friends could solve this tricky problem by moving only 1 stick

Today, online and on the tv, you see endless suggestions on how to keep your body in shape. However, something we rarely hear about is how to keep your brain healthy. In fact, it’s at least as important as exercising the body, if not more.

Sure, you use your brain all the time, even in your sleep, but taking a break to solve a few puzzles is a good way to make your brain let go of the daily worries in your life. Often times you’ll notice that your mind becomes clearer and more relaxed after some good challenges.

When you hear the word puzzle, most of us probably think of the crosswords and sudoku that come in the morning newspaper. Thanks to the internet, however, now you can find thousands of tests online, all of which will help you exercise your brain.

Only a few can solve this problem

The problem below has been circulating the net for a while, perhaps because it is so difficult. It’s important to concentrate all your senses so you can figure it out.

Move only one stick

Below is today’s challenge. In the picture, we can see a math problem, however, the numbers are composed of sticks. And as you can see in the picture, the answer is wrong.

The test involves moving only one of the sticks to change the answer to a correct one.

solve this problem

Can you handle it? Look carefully at each digit and then make your move.

If you can’t solve it, see the answer below the next picture.

Image source: Pexels

Here’s the solution

Was the challenge too difficult? In that case, here is the solution.

solution this problem

Clever, right? You simply have to move a stick from the plus sign to the 5 so it forms a 9 instead!

Congratulations if you got it right!

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