This challenge for kids has left many adults confused – can you solve it?

Back when we were kids and went to school, we spent most of our time developing our critical thinking skills.

So if we wanted good grades, we still needed to make an effort, but it was definitely easier back then. As a result, the brain became our most valuable asset.

Now that we are adults, we don’t get such a nice treatment anymore. Therefore, it’s vital to give our minds a proper workout every now and then. So that we can keep up with our busy lives.

There are millions of brainteasers online. You can find puzzles of all types and difficulties within seconds; the sky is the limit.

A school problem for kids

The puzzle below has left many adults scratching their heads—even though it’s a problem for ages 13 to 15.

Therefore, it is essential to sharpen your senses and get ready. Let’s see how polished your problem-solving skills are.

What’s the solution?

Below, you can see the challenge. There’s a picture with a math puzzle.

Can you find the solution?

Take your time and think about it, so you don’t miss anything.

Below we’ll reveal the correct solution.

Here is the answer

Do you have your answer ready? Below the next picture, you’ll find the correct solution.

Source: Shuttestock

The answer is 16.

Did you get 17 instead? Then you probably made the same mistake most people do.

Let’s take another look.

A pair of shoes is 10; we all can agree on that.

Then we have the cats with a whistle on their necks; they are worth 5. See the answer now?

The whistles are worth two each.

Most people miss this important detail: the last cat has no whistle on its neck, so it’s only worth 3.

That means the cat is 3, and the whistle is 2.

Then we have the value of all three: the shoes are 10, the cat 3, and the whistle 2.

This is the resulting equation: 10 + 3 x 2.

You always multiply first in this case, which totals in 10 + 6 = 16.

Did you get the correct solution? Good job, then!

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