Today’s Challenge: Can you spot the mistake in this image?

Challenging myself with different types of puzzles is something I’ve always enjoyed! Also, giving the brain a daily workout does wonders for the mind. You get to relax and reset for a few minutes, which is a luxury in this busy society.

When I was little, I always carried a crosswords book with me. However, I must admit that I could rarely solve them all by myself and had to get help from my parents.

Then it was Sudoku; nowadays, there is still a Sudoku app on my phone in case I get the itch. However, a few days ago, I discovered an entirely new type of brainteaser, and I wanted to share it with you.

It has received a lot of attention online due to its cleverness!

As we get older, keeping the brain in shape becomes more and more important. So solving a few brainteasers every day can really make a difference in our lives.

A new type of brainteaser

With that said, a new type of brainteaser has been gaining a lot of ground online, and I find it fascinating!

Here comes today’s challenge! Of course, it is vital to concentrate if you want to solve it. But if you bring out your A-game, I know you’ve got this in the bag.

Find the mistake within ten seconds

Okay, here comes the challenge. This brainteaser has left thousands online tearing their hair out in despair.

Below, we have an image that contains a mistake.

Your task is to find the mistake within ten seconds, and if you succeed, you can be genuinely proud of yourself.

Only one in seven people can do it!

Did you find it? If you want a clue, I can tell you to look at the ENTIRE image and not just where you think the mistake is.

Here is the answer

Below the following picture, we’ll reveal the answer to those who can’t find it.


The error is not within the numbers but in the spelling of the words. The last one says “the mitsake” instead of the mistake.

However, you would think the error is in the numbers. But the puzzle is designed to look that way!

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