Today’s Challenge: How many B’s can you find in this picture?

When you read a newspaper or watch TV, experts shower us with tips and ways to keep our bodies healthy. But they rarely mention our most important “muscle”, which also needs exercise to stay fit and sharp. We are talking about the brain, of course.

Solving brainteasers of various kinds, whether it’s crossword puzzles, sudoku, or even a riddle, is always good for the mind.

Crawling up on the couch to solve a few puzzles is an excellent weekend activity now that we are on summer break. And thanks to the internet, there are thousands of new brainteasers right at the reach of your fingertips.

How many B’s can you see in the picture?

Like, for example, the challenge below. It has left thousands of users tearing their hair out in despair.

In the picture, we can see lots of 8’s in a row.

However, the picture also contains several B’s.

Now the question is: can you find all the B’s in the picture? Below you’ll see the challenge.

find the B's

Did you count how many B’s there are? It’s not easy, so you have to make an effort to find all of them. But if you pay attention, I know you can do it.

Can’t find all of them? Worry not. After the picture below, we’ll reveal the answer.


Here is the answer

If you couldn’t find all the B’s, it’s okay. Most people fail to do so.

Next, you can see a picture whit all the B’s in red.

There they are! Eight B’s, all over the picture. They become clear once you take a deep breath and slowly scan the whole picture. At least that’s how I reached the solution.

Did you solve it by yourself? Congratulations then!

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