Today’s challenge makes most people give up in minutes

Back when we went to school, we explored brainteasers of all kinds. We went through every possible challenge, from puzzles in foreign languages ​​to geometry and algebra tests.

Now that we have grown older, it is easy to forget how important brainteasers are for the mind. If we want to remain fresh and alert, there are many ways to give the brain a workout, but my favorite by far is puzzles.

Sitting on the sofa with a few challenges always helps me think a little clearer afterward.

Usually, what comes to mind when we hear brainteasers are the classics, such as crosswords or sudoku. But lately there’s been a new type of challenge gaining momentum online.

Think outside the box

It is a completely new type of puzzle, very different from the ones you are used to.

Either way, most brainteasers share a foundation relying on logical thinking to find the solution.

It can be math problems with a twist like the one we find below.

They require great concentration, but if you manage to find yourself in the zone, I know you’ll solve it easily.

Can you figure out the correct answer?

Okay, here comes today’s challenge.

Below, we find a picture whit a math equation made with sticks. But the number in the picture seems to be wrong.

Your task is to make it right – but doing so by only moving one match.

this challenge makes people give up

Can you handle it? Look closely at each part of the problem and the answer should come to you eventually.

If you can’t find it, we’ll show you the answer after the picture below.


Here is the correct answer

Okay, here comes the answer if you didn’t find it.

here is the answer

There it is! You simply take a stick from the plus sign and add it to the five so that it forms a nine!

Not a simple one. The fact is that most people can’t solve this problem on their own.

Congratulations to you if you did!

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