Tricky Challenge: Can you guess which glass gets full first?

If there’s one thing we Americans know about, it’s sports. We follow and cheer teams in basketball, baseball, football, hockey, volleyball, and everything in between. There is a massive sports culture in the USA, and people on social media and television are constantly talking about health and fitness.

However, it seems we keep forgetting our most essential “muscle,” which also needs exercise to be in good health, namely the brain.

Our minds are always filled with information of all kinds, which takes time to process. Therefore, it can be useful to sit down for a while and let the brain do something else from time to time.

Testing yourself with crossword puzzles, riddles, illusions, or other challenges is fun and good for the brain. I can guarantee you will feel a bit more alert after a light brainteaser.

The puzzle below went viral a while ago and has been shared on several social media pages.

The reason behind its popularity is unknown. Maybe it is because the challenge is neither too simple nor too complicated – in my opinion, the perfect balance.

Which of these glasses gets full first?

You can probably solve this if you think for a long time, but the challenge is perhaps instead figuring out the answer as soon as possible.

Now the question is: can you find the right solution?

In the picture below, water is poured into a pipe system, which later pours into seven different glasses. Your task is to figure out which of the glasses gets full first!

Here is the picture – can you handle this tricky challenge?

which glass gets full first?

Of course, this one is not easy. It can take a while to find the correct solution. If you are not entirely sure, we will tell you which glass gets full first after the picture below.

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Here is the correct glass

– It is not glass 1, as the tube is closed at its start.

– Neither is glass 2, as the end of the tube is closed.

– Glass 3 is also not it. Its tube is closed at the start as well.

– It is not glass 4, as its tube is also closed where it connects to the main one.

– Glass 5 suffers from the same problem as glass 4, blocked at its tube entrance.

– It is not glass 6 as it doesn’t even have a tube.

– It is not glass 7 either as its tube is blocked in the middle.

So the answer is: no glass gets full. There are simply no openings!

Did you get the correct answer on your own?

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