Woman in stitches after boyfriend asks if she wants “lemon or lime” tampons

It’s no secret that when it comes to a woman’s menstrual cycle, men don’t have the smallest clue.

On one hand, it may not be that strange, since men don’t have periods, but on the other, they should know a little more about something that their wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers, and daughters have to endure every month.

Whatever the case, there are always misunderstandings about menses, and sometimes it can be quite funny, like the story of 22-year-old Brogan, who asked her boyfriend to buy tampons when he was at the store.

The British news site Mirror reported on Lewis’s hilarious misunderstanding. Brogan and Lewis have been together for two years and live in Edinburgh, Scotland. Brogan had her period but no tampons left, so she asked Lewis to buy her a pack on the way home.

“Lemon or lime?”

Lewis, trying to be a good boyfriend, headed to the small supermarket close to home, but once inside, when he got to the tampon section, confusion struck. What tampons did Brogan need?!

So he asked Brogan about it, but he made a huge mistake on his SMS.

Image source: Twitter

Since different tampon’s sizes have different colors on their box, for example, yellow for normal and green for larger, Lewis thought, for whatever reason, the colors meant different flavors instead.

Image source: Twitter

Thousands of boyfriends relate to the story

Brogan posted a picture of her boyfriend’s stupid question online, where it had huge success.

Over 800,000 people have seen the message. Laughing at the honest, but oh so funny mistake.

Many boyfriends have related to Lewis’s situation.

“What, aren’t those the flavors? This is so confusing,” wrote a user.

“Showed this to my bf, he made the exact same mistake a couple of months ago,” wrote another.

Image source: Facebook

Things can turn very stupid when you are not paying attention – but luckily Brogan got the right tampons in the end.

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